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Drill Team

The Woodlands College Park High School is home to the 4 time National Champions, the Texas Greenhorns.

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it's time for all-service

This Saturday & Sunday, May 4 & 5, 2024, The Texas Greenhorns head back to Daytona Beach, FL to defend their National Champions title! Make sure to tune in online and check on our Facebook page for possible live streaming. . 


So you're interested in possibly joining the Texas Greenhorns drill team, but you're not sure what it's all about? This page was created to give you some insight into what the time commitments might be, possible costs, and where to begin in this exciting venture. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to pique your interest:

When does drill team practice begin?

Drill practice typically begins 2 weeks form the beginning of the school year so make sure to pay attention to the announcements during class to make sure you don't miss the first day.

What is the time commitment?

Practice is Monday - Friday from 3:30-5:30 pm. 

Will I be taught how to drill?

Yes. Cadets will be taught the basics.

Are there tryouts?

Technically, no. What your commanders recommend is attending the FIRST drill team meeting. There you'll learn what the drill team is about, what the requirements and commitments are, and be able to ask any questions at that time before committing. 

What type of drill rifle does the team use and is there a cost?

The drill team uses a 1903 Springfield rifle. The program provides this rifle at no cost. However, if you are interested in purchasing a practice rifle there are companies that we trust for stocks & rifle parts.

To get an idea of what the drill team does and what the end result looks like, please click on the YouTube videos below. Videos courtesy of: Matt & Kirsten Wendling (Drill Team Dynamics)

One of the cornerstones of Marine Corps customs, courtesies and traditions is our execution of close order drill and ceremonies.  These traditions are perpetuated from one generation to the next through constant use and practice.  The “esprit de corps” of every Marine has been brought about by their everpresent feeling of pride, not only in their unit, but also in themselves.  The preservation of traditional discipline, our customs and courtesies, and the heritage of our Corps is our duty.  It is our further duty to see that the same high standard of discipline and esprit de corps is not only preserved, but also further strengthened.  These intangibles must be passed on to the future Marines who will take their place among the ranks of our Corps.  The object of close order drill is to teach Marines by exercise to obey orders and to do so immediately in the correct way.  Close order drill is one foundation of discipline and esprit de corps.  Additionally, it is still one of the finest methods for developing confidence and troop leading abilities in our subordinate leaders.

-MCO 5060.20

15 MAY 2019




Make sure to scan the QR code in our JROTC classroom.

The QR code can be found on the white board.

It is important to download this DISCORD app as it will be used to communicate with drill team members.

How do we create a competitive Drill Team?

We surround our cadets with an excellent environment that fosters camaraderie, leadership, creativity, and discipline. The Instructors at College Park have a wonderful working relationship with one of the premiere drill team programs in the world: Drill Team Dynamics.

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Founded in 2013, Drill Team Dynamics Inc. is the premier provider of JROTC competitive drill team education and experiences worldwide. "DTD" works with hundreds of programs and thousands of cadets each year providing on-site drill team training, drill meet coordination, and virtual resources with the goal of helping young people learn a love of self, love of others, and love of craft through the drill team activity.

In advance of the 2021-22 school year, SgtMaj Combs approached the DTD to assist with a monumental project: debut TWCP MCJROTC drill program to the all-service National High School Drill Team Championships for the first time in the unit's history. It is rare that DTD provides such regular and direct consultation to any singular program but due to the leadership of the Instructors, the enthusiasm of the cadets, and the support of the community, it became evident that this undertaking was a great fit for all.

Though we operate professionally nationwide, our involvement with TWCP MCJROTC is also deeply peronal; the situation created for this group of cadets to succeed and thrive is an incredible opportunity for them and we are grateful to be entrusted with a piece of that journey!

Thank you for entrusting your cadet to the care of this MCJROTC program. We say with confidence, having traveled the world doing this activity, that the experience they will have as a Green Horn is absolutely a special and unique one!

Matt Wendling
President, Drill Team Dynamics Inc.


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