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Family & Friends Fundraiser

Vertical Raise

If you attended the Booster Meeting then you may have heard about the Vertical Raise Fundraiser that has begun TODAY and will end on September 27th so don't delay! Check your email as well as Lt. Col. Mauery sent out an email to all the parents/guardians in the JRTOC program with more information.

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About This Fundraiser


We know you've heard this over and over from every organization under the sun: fundraising is the lifeblood of our program.

Your financial contribution makes all the lessons we teach a reality by providing the following:

  • travel opportunities

  • uniforms

  • and equipment

Your contribution will directly support building the nation's next generation of leaders!

Each of our cadets has a monetary goal to reach. When we all succeed in reaching this goal, our program will continue to provide the opportunities to change the lives of these cadets

Please consider supporting your cadet either by donating or by sharing this campaign far and wide!

How do I particpate?

Your cadet has a link that is specific to their very own group for family and friends, neighbors, businesses, etc.


They will have already sent it to you by text or by email.


We are asking YOU to then send it to at least 10-20 of your own contacts and then if THEY can share with anyone that they think might be interested



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Help them Get Back!

These Cadets are National Champions. Not just once or twice but rather four time National Champions and not just by Marine Corps standards but by All- Service standards. These cadets are the best of the best and we need to send them back to defend their title.

The drilling community didn't think it could be done.

Their style is different yet traditional, a hybrid, meaning a combination of armed and unarmed which is now being showcased around the nation. 

They work tirelessly and we want to get them back to these competitions so that they can continue blazing new paths and holding up the standards of what the drilling world demands.

Help us make this happen.

Donate TODAY and let's get this fundraiser started with a bang!

Thank you for your support!!

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