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Color Guard 4th of July.jpg


Our Cadets like to go out into the community and help where needed.  Here are some photos of our Cavaliers serving The Woodlands Community

TWCP Color Guard at the 4th of July Parade around Market Street.


Texas Greenhorns at CISD School Board Meeting 2023

TWCP Color Guard at the CP Homecoming Parade at Market Street

MCJROTC posting Colors and Cadets running the flags after touchdowns at the Woodforest Stadium CP Football games

Cadets serving the community at the Fall Festival at Northshore Park


Cadets volunteering at the Ten 4 TX race around The Woodlands

TWCP MCJROTC in the Community

There may be no better way to communicate what our MCJROTC does in the community than through images. As you browse through our gallery of photos, take a few moments to let your eyes linger here, and see if if there's a way our cadets can help your organization/business.

Program Photos

Concrete Wall
While our program grows every year,  we would've liked to show you all that goes on however sometimes you just have to live in the moment and rely on your memory. But for those times that we actually remembered, here are some fun action shots of our cadets!

Saying Goodbye To Our Seniors

We know we weren't able to get pictures of everyone, but we wanted to post a few pictures of those cadets  we were able to capture. 

Thank you for all of your hard work, dedication, time, commitment, leadership, guidance, friendships, tough love, and above all for putting your heart and soul into this program.

You leave a great legacy behind and some big shoes to fill.

We hope when you come back to visit that you will be blown away by what we've managed to grow.

You are all in our prayers for great success, health, and happiness. Good luck!


Class of 2023


Military Ball

If you'd like to see more photos and videos of the 2023 Military Ball, please go to our TWCP JROTC Booster Club Facebook and look under one of the posts from our parents.
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